Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day 02 - Colourful

Today's prompt is Colourful

I must admit, I was totally blown away over the last couple of days by the amount of new people we have joining us... it is so lovely that a small idea, bounced around between Michelle, Kim and me has grown into something much bigger than i had thought :) thank you all for joining in.

I am terrible at blogging, so will have to get better at that.. I think the best way forward will be to autopost each morning and I will then edit the blog post a bit later on in the day.

I will try and get some tutorials written up and put all our social group connections together over the next couple of days as well...  

Anyway, here is our gallery link, so if you blog your photo, add your link by inserting the link to your blog post so that we can all have a look and leave some love.   

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