Monday, 30 December 2013

Welcome To Daily Snappers 2014

I am so glad you are joining us for a whole year of photo taking! I have been doing various themes of the Photo A Day challenges for three years now, the first year I failed miserably, the 2nd year (2012) went really well, mostly due to a fab group of women who kept cheering me on, and last year (2013) was a bit of a struggle.

I created this new challenge in the hope that we will reconnect with some of our "old" 365+1 friends in 2014, and maybe make some new friends. The format will be like the original 365+1 challenge, with a word prompt posted each day. But I have made the prompts available for the entire month in one go in addition to the daily posts on Facebook and here. I should warn everyone though, I am terrible at blogging! In fact, anyone who followed my personal blog will tell you that my posts are rather hit and miss.. that is why we have the Facebook Group and monthly calendar view as a back up. 

It is entirely up to you how and when you participate. If you want to use the word posted for the day, great... if you rather use a totally different word or want to snap a photo of something else, that is great too! If you want to journal along with your photo... go right ahead :) if you rather not, that's fine! Want to share here on the blog? No problem, just add your link in the comments box and share it or post your link in the Facebook Group so that we can all come and leave some love for you. 

Some days you may not feel like taking a photo, that is ok you know! I used to pressure myself and thought the whole 365 thing was ruined because i missed a day, so I gave up. Truth is, some days we just don't feel like it, for whatever reason... so I include a FREE PASS in all our months, to use as and when you like or need some time. The FREE PASS means that your efforts on all the other days were not in vain and that you still achieved a great deal by taking all those other photos! Believe me, I have punished myself in the past enough for "not following through", for "not finishing yet again what i started"... so I am setting us all up for a succesful year by giving permission to miss some days!

Maybe a friend or relative could help out on those days by supplying a photo for you... or you just grab the FREE PASS graphic for that day call it done.

There will not be any competition or prizes or "best of" photos in this group. Some of us will be better at photography than others, some of us will be using the latest DSLR with the biggest of lenses, others (like me) will be using our iphones.. yet others will feel more at home with a trusty compact camera. It is not about the quality or the best composition or the perfect shot... it is about documenting our daily lives, just as we are, our lives can get messy, disorganised and in a tizzle, we don't wear makeup and have our hair perfectly styled when we have just fallen out of bed, so why would we expect perfect in any other area of life? 

If this is your first year doing a 365 challenge, it may seem daunting, but honestly, the days soon roll by and you will find that the way you take your photos, the subjects you choose and the creativity will soon flow and change. 

Wow, this has turned into an epic first post... it was meant to be short and sweet! I will try and figure out how to customize this blog and make it look good.. but you will have to put up with this generic template for now. 

Why don't you stop by the Daily Snappers 2014 Group and join us there as well... 

Happy snapping in 2014


  1. I'm looking forward to starting to take daily photos again!

  2. Feeling inspired already!! Thank you!! Xx

  3. Happy New year!
    I wish you much joy, health, success in your personal and professional life!

  4. Very inspiring hope I am up to the task Lx